Two Ways to Make Money with an Embroidery Machine

Two Ways to Make Money with an Embroidery Machine

two ways to make money with an embroidery machine, NNEP, National Network of Embroidery Professionals

Here’s the thing that I have come to believe after more than 20 years in this industry…

There really are only two ways to make money with an embroidery machine –

  1. Your mouth has to be moving up and down talking with customers, or
  2. Your embroidery machine needles have to be moving up and down making designs

It is that simple, and it is that difficult.

Most of the people that I meet and work with as the founder of the NNEP (the national organization that serves embroidery and apparel decoration professionals) own or are about to purchase a commercial embroidery machine. They are “producers.” Their default mode for how they want to earn an income is through the production of embroidered and decorated apparel. Unfortunately, if they are not that comfortable interacting with people that want to buy their decorated apparel, things get dicey in the income department pretty quickly!

In this industry, as in many, there are two types of business owners – there are producers and there are sellers. In order to succeed in this business, you need to make the stuff (or get someone to make it) and you need to sell the stuff you make (or get someone or something to sell it). Both sides of the process must exist within your company.

Developing the skills to do both is where things get tough because you probably lean more towards the production side of the process if you own an embroidery machine. Your solution to starting a business was to make the goods yourself. And that is great! Where you may need help is on the sales side of the process. And it would not surprise me at all if even the word sales gives you the “willies.”

For people that are not comfortable with the sales part of the process, getting customers through a sales process seems completely overwhelming, if not beyond impossible.

I’ve heard it all from embroidery business owners, the ones that I categorize as producers:

  • I do not want to come off like a used car salesman
  • If someone needs something, they will find me
  • I have no idea how to tell people what I do
  • I’m afraid to tell them the price, they will never pay that
  • I have no idea where to find customers
  • I live in the middle of nowhere
  • It just feels so pushy

If you are nodding your head yes to any of these points, then you, my friend, are probably a producer! And that is totally OK. The great news for you is that we now have a system to help you keep in touch with your customers that makes it less overwhelming for you, yet it keeps you connected with your customers. It is simple, it is easy and it works.

Two ways to make money with an embroidery machine – made simple

NNEP is excited to present the Joe Logo Marketing System – a tool to help you keep your business and the services you offer in front of your customers in a way that provides them with helpful information without pounding them with “buy my stuff” junk. The Joe Logo Marketing System positions you as their brand-building partner. The information you share is focused on helping them grow their businesses.

It is engaging. It is straight forward. And most importantly, it is effective at keeping you on their radar, so that when they need to get something with their logo on it, you are the person they will contact. You can build up your comfort level with the sales side of the business by letting the Joe Logo Marketing System do the heavy lifting. You are not cold calling your customers – they are now calling you and now you can use these two ways to make money with an embroidery machine.

The Joe Logo Marketing System puts you in front of your customers with targeted, helpful ideas to build and reinforce their brand every two weeks. It positions you and your business as their brand building partner. It keeps you in play as their “go to resource” to help them succeed. And when your customers succeed, it is likely that you will be a part of that success by providing more products for them. Talk about a “win, win” situation!

Due to the customized nature of this unique marketing solution, we accept a limited number of businesses each month into the system to help you make money with an embroidery machine. If you would like to know more about NNEP’s Joe Logo Marketing System, please contact me directly at 800 . 866 . 7396 or email me at jennifer @ We can do a quick evaluation to see if you are a good candidate for this industry-specific and customized marketing system.

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