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Social Media Images Cliff Notes

Social Media Images Cliff Notes

NNEP's Image size tip sheet for social meAs George Michael says, "If you're gonna do, do it right!" (For those of you that are either too young or too old to not recognize the lyric, sorry for a reference that makes no sense).

Social media is here to stay. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram - and whatever comes next...

And more importantly, your customers are USING SOCIAL MEDIA DAILY! If you are going to participate in social media, why not put your best foot (or image) forward, and make it worth the effort?

All of these platforms LOVE images. We work in an industry that is all about color, texture, style, design. All of these elements come across well in images. It is a match made in heaven!

Just think how much easier you have it to maximize your impact on social media than business owners in other industries! How about a plumber, for example. Yet there are plumbers out there that are ROCKING social media. And there are apparel decoration professionals that are not having any impact on social media. Do not be that person!

To help you become a social media ninja, here are some cliff notes to make it easier and faster for to you create great looking image-based posts that will display well. The information listed below is measured in pixels and is width x height. The image sizes listed below are correct as of January, 2016.


  • Cover photo: min. size 399 x 150; max. size 851 x 315
  • Your profile photo: min. size 180 x 180; max. size 360 x 360
  • Link images: min. size  600 x 314; max. size 1200 x 628
  • Photo post image: min. size 504 x 504, max. size 1200 x 1200


  • Header photo: 1500 x 500
  • Your profile photo: min. size 400 x 400; max. size 500 x 500
  • Tweet images: min. size  440 x 220; max. size 1024 x 1024


  • Profile banner photo: min. size 1000 x 425; max. size 4000 x 4000
  • Profile avatar photo: min. size 200 x 200; max. size 4000 x 4000
  • Post photo: 698 x 400
  • Company cover images: min. size  646 x 220
  • Company logo image: min. 300 x 300; max. 400 x 400


  • Your profile photo: min. size 165 x 165; max. size 600 x 600
  • Pin images: min. size  80 x 80; max. size 736 x unlimited
  • Board cover images: min. size 217 x 147; max. size 736 x 498


  • Your profile photo: min. size 110 x 110; max. size 180 x 180
  • Photo Post image: min. size  1080 x 566; max. size 1080 x 1350


  • Channel art photo: min. size 1546 x 423; max. size 2560 x 1440
  • Video thumbnail photo: min. size 640 x 360; max. size 1280 x 720
  • Channel icon: 800 x 800

If you want me to check out your social media presence, send me your URL(s) and I will take a look! EMail me at jennifer @ nnep.com if you do not want to post it in the comments below.

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