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What Information Will Help You Succeed?

What Information Will Help You Succeed?

I've been going through some old files here at NNEP lately [what can I say, KonMari ROCKS] and I came across these notes from an advisory board meeting of people that were engaged a project called Embroidery University (EU). EU was the brainchild of Alan Bird, Universal Design, in Louisville, Kentucky.

Let me put this in perspective for you - Alan envisioned an online education model for embroidery and apparel decoration professionals IN 1999! The Internet was just in its infancy, yet he already understood that information could be delivered to industry professionals online. Talk about ahead of his time!

As I read through the list of possible class topics, I found that the information which was needed in 1999 is still needed today, 20 years later, at least for people that are just entering the apparel decoration industry. Here are some of the class topics that were considered:

Embroidery University class topics

Here is the copy of the notes from that weekend in July of 1999, where a bunch of people from the embroidery industry got together at Alan and Anne Bird's home to dream about and create a plan to move our industry forward using the newest technology available.

Embroidery University-EU Faculty Notes 7/30/1999

Some of the people that attended: Anna Johnson, Bonnie Landsberger, Ken Heins, Melanie Coakley, Frank Gawronski, Bob Orcutt, Kevin Jennings, Greg Edwards, Pat Williams, Alan and Annie Bird and myself, Jennifer Cox. I know that Susan and Arch Ritchie attended at least one of the planning sessions, but I am not sure if it was this one.

It feels really good to know that NNEP was part of this effort and that the effort has now been preserved as part of the legacy of this industry.

If you are an experienced decorator, what do you want to learn, or what skills do you need to develop? I would love to hear from you! Post your comments below or email me at jennifer@nnep.com.



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