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Thriving with Stress training for NNEP members

Thriving with Stress training for NNEP members

We are very excited to announce a webinar for NNEP members on 9/10/13 at 10:30 AM EST - Thriving with Stress, presented by Dr. Frank Wood.

We just emailed NNEP members an invitation to this special event.  I have wrestled this very smart man into doing some stress management training for NNEP members.  He is offering a webinar on TUESDAY, 9/10 at 10:30 AM EST for 24 NNEP members (I am claiming the 25th spot, just be be clear - this guy is really, really good!).

Here is a bit more info about the training, from Dr. Frank Wood, the above mentioned very smart guy:

Please accept this invitation for those in the National Network of Embroidery Professionals to Thriving with Stress: An Overview. 

As we discussed, Thriving with Stress is being called a game changer with stress. Howard Thompson, VP of Purchasing with Macy’s told me, “I recently had the opportunity to see Dr. Wood turn 60 minutes into a mini personal empowerment session to help a group of business owners and executives begin to turn the tables on stress."

I invite you and the members of NNEP to join this webinar overview on stress in which I will share a couple of things:


1)  The impact or cost of stress – amazingly stress is reported to cost US businesses more than $300 Billion annually … more in the webinar on the impact/cost issue.

2) The framework on stress – this will offer a perspective on how stress works.

3) An example that will teach, through experience, how stress feels and how it can get in the way of effective performance.

4) Some biology on stress where I will share a little on the fight or flight response (human wiring) and a little on a part of the brain that becomes overactive during times of stress.

5) Finally, I will open the webinar for questions.

A bit about the Thriving with Stress program - it is a 4 week program that more fully unpacks stress and teaches practical tools that empowers those who learn and apply the tools to more effectively respond rather than react in times of stress.


- The overview webinar is scheduled for September 10, 2013 at 10:30 AM

- The webinar will be held on webex (free to use it, just sign up using the sent to NNEP members by email)

- I will be asking for some feedback and so  would appreciate it if those who attend would use computers that have microphones … if not, there is an ability to communicate via a chat feature (so all are welcome)

- I will start promptly at 10:30 and conclude at 11:30 AM, EST. 

- I will be taping the webinar and will forward a taped copy to you for delivery to other NNEP members who were not able to participate in the webinar on 9/10/13, since it is limited to 25 people in the live session. 


For those interested, I will offer a discounted Thriving with Stress program (the 4 week program) to NNEP members. And if there is interest, I am open to offering periodic webinars for your members.


With respect,



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