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Sending New Customers to NNEP Members

Sending New Customers to NNEP Members

Money on Target

Another good day here at NNEP!  We just sent an email to NNEP members with details about a customer looking for an embroiderer that can do their order for at least three  dozen shirts with embroidery and rhinestone designs.

And the very best part?  The customer needs to place this order for this quantity (or more) several times a year!  Now that is a customer to get excited about.  We sent all the details including the customer's contact information to current NNEP members.  The customer is happy because they have a great selection of contract shops that they can now use.  NNEP members are happy as they have a chance to develop a long term customer. This is my favorite kind of win-win referral!

If you want to get HOT leads emailed to you on a regular basis, join NNEP today!  We'd love to help you grow your dream business with great opportunities like this one.


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