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Radiant Orchid Rules as 2014's Color of the Year

Radiant Orchid Rules as 2014's Color of the Year

RadiantOrchidEach year in December, the Pantone Color Institute announces the "color of the year" for the coming year. In some industries, there is much fanfare as this color will have a significant impact on their products and even their merchandising and packaging over the coming 12 months. Radiant Orchid is THE color of 2014. It reflects the inventiveness that is happening currently in technology and in design in general, according to the Institute's Director, Leatrice Eiseman. She continues, "People are seeking something unique. This color embodies (that) because it ascends from the purple family; purple is known (as) the color of creativity. It sparks the imagination, and that's valued today."

While few consumers are tuned into color forecasting and color trending specifically, they will be exposed to this color in every way imaginable, and even in some ways that are hard to imagine. Our industry tends to be a bit less responsive to these colors as they become significant each year. We are often working on building blocks that are our "staples" in the wholesale apparel industry, products and colors that can be found in the warehouse all year, every year.

Radiant Orchid has a surprising range of tones - think of the shades you would find in an amethyst necklace in daylight - deep rich purples up through the faintest smudges of smoky purple. "This color's got nuances of undertone that make it kind of magical," Eiseman stated.

Radiant Orchid can change its mood depending on what you combine with it. Pair it with yellows, oranges, reds, blue-greens and even yellow-greens for a current, on-trend look. Monochromatic pairings work well, and this color will pair well with any neutral, livening it up to look very "of the moment." Eiseman notes that when "used with black and white, it becomes the exclamation point."

While we may find few shirts in this color through the industry's wholesale channels, look for ways to incorporate this color into the designs you are creating as backgrounds and accents, to add a current vibe to your customer's orders. Add freshness to your business by incorporating this color into your signage, print materials or retail displays.

Do not expect Radiant Orchid to fade into the sunset anytime soon, which is good news for us if our customers embrace it. Eiseman forecasts that this color will remain popular well into 2015.


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