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Get Found Online Webinar

Get Found Online Webinar

Join NNEP for an exciting webinar about "6 Things You Can Do NOW to Grow Your Business" on April 24, 2012. We are presenting this event with Cheryl Lynn, Founder of Cheryl Lynn International, the Mobile and Local Internet Marketing Expert and Author of "Mobile Mastery 2 Millions." As your professional organization, we are constantly looking for ways to help you grow your business. We believe that Mobile and Internet marketing is critical to the growth of your business.

Webinar details -

  • Date: April 24 - you will get the login details after you register
  • Time: 10 AM or 1:30 PM EST - for approximately 1 hour
  • Cost: Free for current NNEP members

In exploring ways to help you drive local foot traffic to your business's front door, I researched several options and found that Cheryl Lynn of Cheryl Lynn International has a true passion for local business. Cheryl Lynn's mission is helping local businesses be on the first page on search engines.

How much additional sales do you think you would have if your website was one of the first to appear when someone searched for embroidery services? With just a bit of specific planning, your website could be dominating in your local community, increasing your revenue and customer base using the new and even affordable structures of advertising platforms in Mobile and Local Internet Marketing.

As the old traditional ways of advertising your business move out and new ways of advertising using devices such as iPhones, iPads, iPods and the Internet move in, it's proving to be very cheap and in some cases FREE to implement effective local business advertising.

To do business in today's marketplace, you must be become aware of the ways to stay competitive and out think your competition using this new information-based style of platform advertising.

This free webinar will show you how to set your website apart from your competition! You'll discover how to gain instant expert/celebrity status for your niche, rank on page one of Google, how to get more customers coming through your door, and how to make more sales . . . all through the power of Mobile and Local Internet Marketing media!

In this webinar, you will discover why Mobile and Local Internet Marketing will be YOUR secret NINJA marketing strategy to set you miles ahead of your competition and you will learn 3 FREE ways to immediately get started.

Cheryl Lynn will cover how to:

  • Build a HUGE loyal following through the power of ATM websites!
  • The 7 ways to Monetize your own website!
  • Rank on Page One of Google for 5 keywords!
  • Utilize an Untapped Ninja marketing secret!
  • Plus tons more . . .

Sign up now - we look forward to seeing you at the webinar!  If you are not yet a member of NNEP, join today so that you can take advantage of this excellent information!

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