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Members Save Big with NNEP Shipping Program

Members Save Big with NNEP Shipping Program

moneytreeI just received the annual summary report from our preferred vendor shipping partner, appropriately named Partnership. NNEP members saved $7,211.90 on their shipping costs in 2016 in the NNEP shipping program. 62 Member companies participated in the program. When you do the math, that averages out to $116.32 in savings per member. Granted, some members saved a lot more than that, and some saved less. But it is fair to say that on average, these 62 members saved half the cost of their NNEP membership using just this one member benefit!

Now THAT is what I am talking about... Imagine how much further they are ahead if they use even just a few of the other member benefits. It is like planting a money tree for your business!

If you are not yet enrolled in the NNEP shipping program, check it out here:

Partnership's NNEP Shipping Program Information

Check out the other NNEP member benefits and resources online here:

NNEP Benefits and Resources


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  1. I'm new here. My question is regarding discounts from vendors. Is there a particular code we need to use on their sites to get the member discounts? Is it specific to each vendor? Thanks so much. I have enjoyed the first few blog posts that were emailed to me. Good information!

    • Jennifer Cox says:

      Hi Leanne! Check out section 2 in the NNEP Embroidery Manual we shipped to you. It lists all the NNEP Preferred Vendors and what you need to do to ensure you get the special discounts as a member of NNEP. Many of them use your NNEP member number as part of their validation process. If you have any questions, call us or call that supplier directly, and ask for the person listed in Section 2, as they are familiar with the NNEP offer from their company.

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