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NNEP Members Have It Covered

NNEP Members Have It Covered

Stitches Magazine cover featuring work by NNEP members

Congratulations to NNEP members Jay Fishman and Jane Cibulskas -

They have the May 2013 issue of Stitches magazine covered!

The design on the magazine's cover was digitized by Jay Fishman, Wicked Stitch of the East.  Jay has been a preferred vendor with NNEP since 2002, providing digitizing services to NNEP members and embroiderers of classic logos, puff, applique and all kinds of embroidery designs. When you need something digitized to run well and look great, contact Jay - his information is in Section 2 (NNEP Preferred Vendors) of the NNEP Embroidery Training Binder you received as a member of NNEP.

Jane Cibulskas of NETS (National Embroidery & Transfer Services) did the embroidery which was then photographed for the cover of the magazine.  Jane has been a NNEP preferred vendor since 2004, offering contract embroidery and apparel decoration services for NNEP members and apparel decorators for all sorts of orders. If you have a big order and need additional production capacity to get it done, contact Jane, their information and NNEP member offer is listed in Section 2 of your NNEP Embroidery Training Binder.

Both of these companies are located in the Cleveland, Ohio area. Way to go Jay and Jane! Excellent team work, and great "bragging" rights! You have earned them.


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