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NNEP Lesson #472

NNEP Lesson #472

Stop Thief!Well, what can I say - apparently I/we here at NNEP have to learn some lessons the hard way. The lesson I learned the hard way recently is that if you are traveling with your computer or iPad, there are steps you should take before you even leave to protect yourself, should anything happen to your computer while you are traveling.

  1. Write down the serial numbers of all of your computers, smart tablets, devices and cell phones - have this information some where OTHER than on the devices themselves!  It is one of the first things the police will ask you for should your device be stolen! Without the serial number, they really have no way of identifying YOUR device if it is found.
  2. If you are leaving your device somewhere and you will not be present, invest in the cables to attach it to something. There are all kinds of these cables available - click this link to amazon.com to see some of the zillions of options.
  3. Consider investing in a motion sensor alarm for your device.  If someone moves it, even bumps it, it will go off unless the right code is entered.
  4. Consider installing the LoJack software. According the police in Nashville, this has been one of the most effective tools they've seen for recovering stolen computers.  Click this link to view LoJack options on amazon.com.

We apologize to the attendees at Embroidery Mart that experienced a longer-than-usual waiting time at Registration.  As many of you heard, we had computers stolen at the Embroidery Mart trade show, making for longer lines at Registration than anticipated. Thank you for your patience!

Lesson learned, the hard way, but most definitely learned!


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  1. Jennifer, I'm so sorry for what happened to you. I appreciate the gentle nudge--those few minutes of preparation could really ease a lot of stress in the long run if something is lost or stolen. A good place to store your list of serial numbers and other important info would be in OneNote, Evernote or other cloud-stored document system, so you can access it quickly from any computer.

    Also, Liberty Mutual has a home inventory app that (Apple platform only, last I checked) that allows you to quickly photograph and catalog your valuables. It's really useful, and available even if you're not a Liberty Mutual customer.

    I'm going to take some time to make that list today, and to update the home inventory.

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