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Industry-Specific Podcast & Training

Industry-Specific Podcast & Training

As you probably know, we here at NNEP are BIG FANS of education and training. After all, we do not know what we do not know, right? Self-directed education puts you in the driver's seat!

With the internet, you can learn, develop and master the skills and knowledge that will help you take your business where you want it to go. Finding quality information on said internet, from sources that you can trust? Well, that is a "whole 'nother story," as they say.

Here is one source of knowledge that we recommend: ShirtLabPro.com

The Shirt Lab creed is it's not 'how-to,' it's 'hands-on' and we definitely like the sound of that!

Shirt Lab is founded on one principle, making your shop better. The founders, Tom Rauen and Marshall Atkinson have been around the block in the decorated apparel industry. Check out what they have to say on their podcasts and at their live events.

If you have a podcast or blog that you like that helps you with your business, I would love to check it out! Email me the details, or post in the comments below.


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