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If they only knew... what the equipment costs

If they only knew... what the equipment costs

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Can you imagine how surprised your customers would be if they knew that just one of your embroidery machines cost as much as a good used car? John Q. Public has no reason to have any working knowledge of our industry, the equipment we use, or the processes we go through to create their customized products.

The responsibility lies with US to educate our customers about what we can do for them. We have to share information about the products we can provide for them and how we can customize these products to meet their needs.

So the next time a customer walks in and asks you a question that seems silly to you, take a moment and realize that they are sincere in their inquiry.

Give them a helpful answer that fills in the gaps in their knowledge. After all, are you an expert in their world, the things that they do in their lives? Probably not!

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