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How You Say It Matters!

How You Say It Matters!

lightbulbAnother "ah-ha!" moment here at NNEP...

as I was rebuilding the NNEP website. It was such a significant "ah-ha," that I wanted to touch base with you about it, as I think this one minor tweak could have an impact on your business as well!

Here's what happened...

I was creating the description for the "Find a Local Embroiderer" button on the NNEP.com home page.

  • Yes, we all know that words matter.
  • Yes, we know we need to tell people what we want them to do...

But when it comes right down to it, just exactly how good are we at being perfectly clear with our information and instructions? I was really struggling to come up with the right words...

  • "Find a local embroiderer to add logos to your shirts, hats and jackets".... hmmm, nope that's not it....
  • "Need your logo put on something? Call your local embroidery professional" ... not any better..
  • "Get great embroidery from a local business owner"... certainly not there yet....

and then WHAM - it hit me - 

One of the biggest frustrations NNEP members express to us as their professional embroidery business owners association is the number of customers that come in with the product already in their hands!

So WHY are we telling John Q. Public to "Get Embroidery???"  

We need to tell them we can provide great PRODUCTS and that we can put custom logos, designs and monograms on them!

The difference may seem like "to-MAY-toes" and "to-MAH-toes," but it is a significant difference indeed!

So, here is what is says on the NNEP.com home page now:


Connect with a local embroidery professional - they have just what you need!

What do you think?  Does this set the expectation that we, the embroiderers, are the source of the products? If you have suggestions about how we can strengthen this statement that we have the STUFF and the ability to customize it, please let us know! Post a comment below, post on the NNEP facebook page, or send me an email!

Think about this as you hear yourself answer the question, "So, what do you do?"

Do you say, "I own an embroidery business..." or something along those lines? Many people do not know what any of that means, so the conversation often fizzles out, and there goes a potential opportunity - how frustrating!

What if you changed that to "We provide quality custom products to help our customers build their brands. And we also offer the best gifts, ever!" That is much more of a conversation-starter!

It is up to US to change the nature of this conversation, with ourselves, our customers and even our Industry!!!

Give it a try, and let me know how it works for you...

Update 10/7/14: 


DANG IT! Just caught myself doing it AGAIN!
I began saying, “We put your logos on your shirts, jackets and caps…”

I need to brainwash this OUT of my head, and begin saying:
“We PROVIDE your shirts, jackets and caps and put your cool logos on them!”



5 Responses

  1. Juli George says:

    My description is usually…”see that logo on your shirt…that’s what I do”. I like your suggestion. I’ll try and be more descriptive and inviting.

  2. Chris Birchall says:

    I love your linear thinking and learning

    Chris Birchall

    “We put your logos on your shirts, jackets and caps…” to “We PROVIDE your shirts, jackets and caps and put your cool logos on them!”

  3. Susan says:

    I'm wanting to get away from so much of the custom 1 item work, and love the idea of helping not-for-profits and businesses "build their brand." While I do not want to carry a large inventory of miscellaneous items (just in case someone might want to order one) I've found that I can't sell something I don't have. So I've been ordering 1 or 2 of an item and put it on display. Then I can put it in the buyers hand and help them imagine their logo on it. The change has been significant. No more looking at catalogs until our eyes glaze over!

  4. I like your emails and information in them.
    It is very interesting and make you read them.
    The hook is there and some "fish" do get away from it for a limited time only only!!!
    Very soon I will be there to see you in one of the shows soon soon soon!!!

    Thanks for keeping in touch and sending me important info.

  5. Jennifer Cox says:

    Dang it! Just caught myself doing it AGAIN! Change "We put your logos on your shirts, jackets and caps..." to "We PROVIDE your shirts, jackets and caps and put your cool logos on them!"

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