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How to Look Smashing When Traveling for the Holidays

How to Look Smashing When Traveling for the Holidays

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There are so many things to manage throughout the holiday season. Packing what you need to be comfortable yet look pulled together can be daunting, whether you are traveling to visit family or traveling for work. Here are a few tips from seasoned travelers to help you master the art of packing!

7 Packing Tips from Travel Professionals:

1) Use contact-lens cases for small pills, creams and even liquid makeup products. Label what is in each pot with a permanent marker. You will be surprised how much you can get in each side!

2) Use 3 oz. bottles for all your toiletries. I have yet to run out of anything (shampoo, lotion or hair products) even on 7 day trips!

3) Pick one pair of pants and shoes to go with them in two color schemes, black, navy, brown, etc. Then add five or six tops that match either or both pairs of pants. You can fit all this in a single carry-on bag and you have a variety of outfits for five days, or more.

4) Pack your clothes right on the hangers. It makes packing and unpacking fast and easy. And you do not have to bum hangers from a closet where you are staying or use the hotel hangers.

5) Pack your dressier clothes right in the dry cleaner bags. It's a "no wrinkles upon arrival" solution. Just hang them up and you are ready to go! And it is darned impressive to be able to arrive, change and be ready to head out for the evening's festivities in less than 30 minutes! Shock and awe - NAIL IT!

6) Pack your clothing in jumbo Ziploc bags. Extract the air by rolling the bags as you slide the top shut. It's amazing how flat sweaters and sweatshirts become, even less bulky clothes will take up less room! Use the bags to keep the dirty clothes separated during your stay.

7) Always check Weather.com to bring the proper outerwear, etc. If you are heading from somewhere cold to somewhere warm by plane, leave your coat and gloves in the car rather then drag them with you to the sunny south!


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