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Highly Memorable Marketing

Highly Memorable Marketing

poopourri_memorable2I experienced something unique the other day - a highly memorable product with an equally memorable marketing plan. Experience it yourself here - Poopourri.com. Watch the video on their home page - just watch it!

The people that brought this to my attention are as fascinated with marketing as I am. We were looking at some examples of online marketing - good and bad - and deconstructing what about the examples we like and what we think is working, and why so that we can either apply it in our own businesses or teach it to our own customers.

What do you think of this company's marketing?

Effective, offensive, borderline, hilarious - where does it fall on your spectrum of "effective?"

More importantly, I would love to know if your experience with this company made you want to buy their product? Several of the people in my meeting admitted to buying the product, and in fact, they purchased more than a small amount of it.

And finally, what message could you create to market your company that could be memorable to this degree? Let's really think about that and see what we can come up with to help our businesses be as memorable as this company!




5 Responses

  1. Erin Miller says:

    It was definitely memorable, however, it was also quite long and a little embarrassing to watch. I'm too conservative to share this video with others.

  2. StephTech says:

    I of course had to show this to my teenage son, but I was very surprised at his reaction. He said those people (who made the ad) are terrible because they have it as an unskippable ad on YouTube. He had already been made to see far more of that ad than he wanted to.

    Well, while he is not necessarily a target audience, I would suspect he is of a target age bracket.

    While I admittedly know nothing of YouTube advertising, my 18 yr old son's extreme negative reaction to an unskippable ad should be noted.

  3. JD says:

    At first glance???? But it was funny and I think it made the point effectively...

  4. Val Nelson says:

    Hilarious- clever-and makes you want to buy the product. What can I do to apply it to embroidery?

  5. Jay F says:

    Effective - funny - to the point. Nothing offensive.

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