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Hard to Buy From You?

Hard to Buy From You?

Are you making it hard to buy from you?I thought there was some excellent points in this article, Are You Making It Hard For Customers To Buy From You? by Fast Company.

They sum up their thoughts about how businesses are falling short like this:

Folks, if your company isn’t already doing everything on the checklist below, then you just aren’t making it as easy as possible for customers, so quit whining because you really don’t deserve their loyalty.

And you know what?  I agree them! While some of their points are more applicable to a larger company (with things like call centers), many of their points apply to every company, including YOURS, as a local business.

What are you doing to make it easy for your customers to buy from you? What CAN you do?

  • Do you have a size scale available in your most popular garments?
  • Do you have swatch cards for your most popular brands?
  • Do you have a place for customers to sit and look through stock designs?
  • Do you have a mirror and place for people to try things on?
  • Do you have a sewout sample book on display, so that customers can see logos in print (letterhead or business card) and the embroidered version next to it?

Post your suggestions or questions below!



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  1. Lynn Rhoades says:

    I work from my home and don't always have people come there. I like to refer them to the design websites so they can do a search on the subject they are looking for. They can do it at their leisure that way.
    I'm not sure a swatch card is that helpful. They like to see the actual items and the catalog color chart is usually sufficient.
    I wouldn't want to have business cards or letterheads as an example because they will think that is sufficient for you to digitize from. I might show the design in print beside the sewout, but not a business card or letterhead.
    I do try to have several sizes of items I am trying to sell to a group such as a school team.

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