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18,000+ Potential Customers waiting for NNEP member!

18,000+ Potential Customers waiting for NNEP member!

Safety WorkerWe just emailed NNEP members the details about an opportunity to do embroidery for 18,000+ safety workers in Harrisburg, PA this spring!

You could be receiving notices about these sorts of opportunities too, if you were a member of NNEP!

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Here are some members' testimonials on why they are members -

I just wanted to say how happy I am to be a new member. When you join many organizations the first week as a member you receive tons of junk mail in your in box from “Valued Partners” of the group you have joined. I’m always hesitant in joining any and all groups because of the usual junk mail. Not so with NNEP. The only mail we receive is from you and only on the topic we joined for, Embroidery information! Not only that, but GREAT Embroidery Information is all I get in my box. Just wanted to tell you how pleased I am after two weeks. Keep up the great work!

- Mike Rapp, Grandview Impressions, Inc.

We had a great phone conversation about a week ago in regards to my new monogram shop business.   Being a new business owner I’ve hit many obstacles that NNEP has helped me solve.


- Tina, LeClair Embroidery


I just met with “the boot lady.” She is so nice and I think we will be able to make the project work!

I am so grateful for your advice AND ENCOURAGEMENT!  I never would have considered this without it. She is willing to purchase anything that I need to make it work on my machine (clamp, needles, etc). I told her an estimate of $8 pr.  But I will do a test pair this week to see if its harder than I am expecting.

I even remembered to ask “who pays for the boot if I screw it up?”…and was assured that she would.

- Mary, Mary’s Your Name Here


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