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Avoid Bozosity!

Avoid Bozosity!


I listened to a webinar the other day with Guy Kawasaki (it was presented by HubSpot). I like his approach to business. He boils down pretty big concepts into memorable bits that I can remember and apply in our business. He was talking about some key points from his most recent book, The Art of the Start 2.0.

One of my "take aways" from this session was Kawasaki's point that it is up to you to chart your path for your business. He said, "Do not let the bozos grind you down." He went on the explain that there are 2 kinds of bozos, the little people and the rich & famous people.

The little bozos are the people that you know, the ones that say...

  • "Oh, that will never work..."
  • "Why are you doing that?..."
  • "You are just wasting your time..."

What they say, what they believe has ZERO bearing on what you are doing, unless you let their "bozosity" influence you, your decisions, your business, your dreams.

The rich and famous bozos are the people that HAVE made it big, but they are not doing anything to help you (or others) move forward in making their dreams into reality. They tend stand up front, saying "look at me, see how great I am, check out how much I have..." These are more folks that have NO bearing on your world, your dreams - what they did is theirs. Do what you are doing and do not waste time looking at these bozos, as that will not advance your process, your business.

BTW - bozosity is Kawasaki's word, not mine. I like it, I think I will keep it in my vocabulary (I do have teens, therefore bozosity abounds in our world at the moment)!

So, the advice for today is AVOID BOZOSITY - the nay sayers, the people that make you doubt your vision, the people that are not leading or helping. You have nothing to learn from them, and they are of no use to you. And certainly never BE a bozo, or contribute bozosity to the universe!

If you would like to pick up a copy of Kawasaki's book, grab it here (I may get a penny or 2 if you order it from this link):


3 Responses

  1. Sheron says:

    Avoid bozosity, great explanation and sharing. We should try to be the part of solution not the problem. Be a bozo.

  2. Jill Schutte says:

    Thanks Jennifer. I really needed this book! I'm surrounded by Bozosity :). I bought this one and another of his books through your link. Hope you make a couple of pennies 🙂
    Jill Schutte, Schutte Embroidery

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