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Wantrepreneur or Entrepreneur?

Wantrepreneur or Entrepreneur?

Business Person questionWhich one are you - an entrepreneur or a wantrepreneur?  An entrepreneur does specific things to make their business succeed.  A wantrepreneur thinks about doing things to make it big.

 Answer YES or NO to the following questions -

  1. I know the fixed costs to operate my business.
  2. I price my work based on my costs and  I earn profits.
  3. I have professionally printed business cards.
  4. I know how to make money in my business.
  5. I spend more time making money than thinking about what I want to do today.
  6. I want my business to exist in 12 months.
  7. I want to earn profits from all my orders and I know how to do that.

If you answered NO to more than 2 of the questions above, you may be more of a wantrepreneur than you think!

Shifting from wanting a successful business to having a successful business takes information, action and effort.  The National Network of Embroidery Professionals (NNEP)  exists to help embroidery and apparel decoration business owners make that shift.  NNEP provides the information and the action steps.  All you have to add to the mix is your effort!

Join NNEP today and make the shift from being a wantrepreneur to discovering the successful entrepreneur within you.  You can bring your dream business to life - and NNEP would love to help you do that!

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