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Yes - You CAN Make Patches!

Yes - You CAN Make Patches!

Here is a solution for when your customer asks, "Can you make me a patch?" from Colman & Company, one of the NNEP preferred vendors. If you have any questions, contact the folks at Colman and Company directly.

Patch Kit Upgrade!

Colman and Company, a national apparel decorating supplier based in Tampa, FL announced an addition to its unique and popular Patch Kit today. The Patch Kit is a simple way for embroiderers to create small run iron on, heat press on or sew on patches.

“The Patch Kit became popular to begin with because there simply aren’t any other options when a customer comes to you for 1, 10 or 50 patches”, says Mark Stephenson, Director of Sales and Marketing for Colman and Company. “We added 2 more Patch Kit bundles to help save our customers money and get them started with everything they need, whether they’re just starting out or adding to an existing business”

The new Patch Kit Duo gives you both black and white yards of patch material as well as the Hot Tool Holder, both things most customers come back and buy.

The Patch Kit-HP includes a small Geo Knight heat press that’s perfect for putting together your patches or applying the end result to a customer’s shirt.

The Patch Kit-Pro is just that, adding the Jet Press 14 for a heat press and including 5 yard rolls of both the black and white patch material. This is what a customer will need if they are really getting into the patch business.

The new Patch Kits are available at Colman and Company today.


 Mark Stephenson
Director of Sales & Marketing
Office: 1-800-891-1094 xt. 119
Cell: 813-420-6580
Skype: ColmanandCompany
Follow us Twitter: @ColmanCompany

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