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Copyrights - Demystified (a bit)

Copyrights - Demystified (a bit)

Customers bring in all sorts of designs with the expectation that we, as embroidery business owners and apparel decorators, can put whatever they want on whatever they want.  But that is just not the case, especially when it comes to images and designs that belong to someone else.

Examples of designs we cannot reproduce include:

  • Designs for ANY professional sports teach or organizations
  • Designs for any recognizable brand (like cars and  products)

A great way to determine if you can or should do an order is to ask yourself this - DOES someone make profit from the sales of that image, name, icon or logo?  If the answer is yes, the odds are very good that you cannot reproduce that design unless you have the license to do so.

NNEP Members - login to the NNEP Members Only post to download the samples of the Copyright Disclaimers that you can use in your business.


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  1. Pat McKay says:

    Jenny you do a good job of helping Embroidery business owners understand their risks and how to run a sucessful business. Even with the best embroidery business insurance policy in force, there is no coverage for Copyright Infrigment.

    Thanks for bring this important issue to business owners attention.

    Pat McKay, Vice President
    Amer Insurance
    Specializing in Embroidery Business Insurance

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