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Your Front Line

When your business has a problem, can and do your front-line employees handle the situation the same way you would as the owner? When your salesperson or machine operator has a concern about an order, do they resolve their concerns the way you would? These are interesting questions, and well worth asking. Continue reading this…
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2018 Embroidery Industry Survey by Printwear & NNEP

How does your business compare with the national averages? Find out! Participate in this brief, 8-minute survey now. On behalf of Printwear and NNEP, I am inviting you to share your thoughts and opinions on the commercial embroidery market and your business. Your time is valuable, and we think the information gained here will be…
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Bridging the Gap Column

Check out the next column by NNEP's Jennifer Cox Bridging the Gap in the Jan. 2013 issue of Printwear Magazine. It is so much fun to feature the work of our NNEP members in these columns! Congratulations to Christel Hadid, Danielle Hall and Lynn Rhoades! What are you doing to bridge the gab between what your customers…
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