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Drive an hour for THIS sea bass? Every time, and here's why

I am not that much of a "foodie." I enjoy a good meal out as much as the next person. But will I wait in a line longer than 15-20 minutes for a seat at a restaurant? Not willingly. I would rather go find something a little more off the beaten path. Do I eat…
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Another Day, Another Dollar

Another Day, Another Dollar... How MANY dollars - that is the REAL question! It is 5 PM and you are done working for today. As it is the end of the day, you are now off to the grocery store, to the ball field to watch one of your kids play, you are stopping to…
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Avoid that Rat Hole!

Rat holes? Yes - rat holes! Trust me - you want to AVOID them. What are rat holes, you ask? That is a very good question. Rat holes are the things that you spend time doing - with no results. Even worse, you have taken time away from doing things that DO generate results. Let me give you an example to better explain the toxicity…
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