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5 Responses

  1. Kathy Phillips says:

    I have a request to applique numbers and a one color team letter on baseball uniforms. First of all, the letter F - which has been digitally designed, not a true embroidery font - do I need to have it digitized to do an applique. Also - I will be using poly/twill material from Stahl's, should I hoop the fabric and stitch the applique line, trim, then hoop the jersey stitch the pattern then lay down the cut out applique number in the appropriate location then stitch the tack down stitch.
    Sorry - I am fairly new to embroidery - any help is appreciated.

  2. Stanley Foster says:

    Is there a more simple and easier way to remove stitching from jackets other than using a stitch whizzer?

    • Jennifer Cox says:

      Stanley, using one of the stitch removal tools is one of the most efficient and easiest ways to remove stitches. There are a couple different ones available. We found that putting a hard rubber ball (like a handball) under the fabric helped create a rounded surface that you can then touch with the tool to just shred the threads and not the garment. Good luck!

  3. Embroidery Boutique, Inc. says:

    We are trying to find a vendor who sells youth moisture management polos.

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