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  1. Kristina Reinhardt says:

    How do I update my credit card info?

    • Jennifer Cox says:

      Hey there Kristina, if you do not have the email that was sent, just give us a call and we can update in the system. Unfortunately, we cannot regenerate the email. It is generated only once for your own protection. Give us a call at 800 866-7396.

  2. Amy Seaman says:

    Please help! I am trying to change my email and I keep getting error 640.
    Thank you,
    Amy Seaman

    • Jennifer Cox says:

      Hey there Amy, We will update your email here at NNEP. It will take a bit to populate through all the systems. If you cannot log in by Monday, please let us know!

  3. Sherry L Valenti says:

    Error 640 when updating my company name. Name should be
    Designs by Sherry. Thanks

  4. Evelyn Johnson says:

    I am getting error 640 when trying to update my membership information

  5. MARY Tetlak says:

    Tried to update my information and received an error 640 message as others have experienced.

  6. Maurice Smith says:

    changing emails - will sign-in become new email address?

  7. Kathleen Steimle-Hermes says:

    I keep getting an error code of 640 when I try to update my business name in this membership profile page. It is listed as Miss Kate and should be listed as Miss Kate's Creations.

  8. Anne Vise says:

    I receive error message 640 when I attempt to update my information. Help!

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