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Are you ready to Advance From an EMBROIDERER To Well-Paid EMBROIDERY PROFESSIONAL?

Be Part of the National Network of Embroidery Professionals (NNEP) TODAY!

NNEP is the only trade association in our industry founded and managed by experienced embroidery professionals. We're the real deal. With decades of experience in our own embroidery business, we understand where you're coming from... and we'll share specific success secrets with you each week.

"Thanks for helping me understand the promotional products pricing. Yet again, I know why I pay my dues!" -Nancy Wawro, Novel Threads"Being able to talk to you anytime is worth way more than the cost of membership. The discounts are just the bonus!" - Diane Lindemann, Needle Tech

  • Find out how to run your small embroidery business like a true professional!
  • Get marketing support you can use right away!
  • Even small businesses (with $10,000+ annual sales) can save more than $432 annually on the core items of a successful operation - garments, threads, stock designs, part & supplies, and more!
  • Avoid the mistakes that cost you time, money - and customers!
  • Price your work with confidence!
  • Connect with other embroiderers who share your goals and dreams!
  • Take advantage of the power of the NNEP Network - with access to great pricing on insurance, shipping, credit card processing and more!
  • Be a VIP at embroidery industry events!
  • Make more money with loads of profit-making ideas!
  • Get industry news, high-profit advice and top-shelf embroidery ideas!
  • Attract better customers - and more of them - with effective industry-specific "turn-key" sales and marketing strategies!
  • Run a rock-solid business and stay motivated for higher productivity!

NNEP gives you the edge.

"I joined this morning at 9 AM. By 9:30 AM, I already knew that I got my money's worth, in my first phone call to NNEP! I sure wish I had known about NNEP 3 years ago." - Blanka Barnett, Stitchin' Frog LLC

Discover what thousands of successful embroidery professionals already know - the advantages of NNEP membership. You'll get real-time tips and techniques, helping you create a solid foundation for profits and growth. Plus, enjoy real savings on almost everything you need to run your business.

"What a pleasure to meet you Susan! We learned so much, especially from your Q & A session. I had solutions to 3 vexing issues. Many, many thanks. I read the Embroidery Manual from cover to cover as soon as we got back home and am anxious to explore a few options!" - Sara Cole, Threadwords

Join us, your friends at NNEP, and get more out of what matters most. We're here to help. Membership in the NNEP is only $245 for an entire year - unlimited assistance for industry experts!

"I really appreciate all of your help. Your recent embroidery shows and (Embroidery Manual) notebook have been such a godsend for us." - Debbie Bigger, DB Designs

  • Save money on exclusive member-only deals from over 50 suppliers!
  • Break out of your comfort zone, with advice and solutions to handle those more difficult jobs without the frustration!
  • Get access to credit card processing - key to getting bigger, better orders!
  • Get experienced help when searching for just the right products, plus quality blank goods!
  • Master your selling skills and grow your profits with opportunities that may be right under your nose!
  • Find solutions fast with FREE unlimited expert embroidery toll-free phone support!

"We as a company are so delighted to be a part of such a nice organization. The world of personalization has seen many changes in recent years. It is nice to belong to a group that will help bring supply and demand to the same table. And give a place to trade information and new ideas." -Susan Shockley, Southeastern Salvage Home Emporium

When you need help, NNEP is there.

NNEP has a blog! Of-the-moment industry news, happenings here at NNEP, info you might want to know about as decorators or business owners. Check it out, and feel free to add it to your RSS feed. Wondering what that is? Read the blog post about it!

Get all this and more with your NNEP membership. Membership is $245 for an entire year. You could save more than that with your member benefits within the first 6 months!

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Need More? Here's What Your Peers Have to Say...

"Without doubt NNEP association is key to my continued success growing my embroidery business." Sue Wright, SEW Right Embroidery, Oxford, Michigan

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"I just wanted to let everyone there at NNEP know what a wonderful job you guys do for all your members. I am just a small start-up with 5 heads and being a member of the NNEP has made a huge difference for me, especially with the money I have saved with your resources for members. I have been a member in the past when I was with larger companies and you made a difference then. Now that I am a small business owner, where every penny counts, you guys are my best resource for information and savings." Lorrie Huegel, Stitch EFX Embroidery, LLC, Cincinnati, Ohio

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"NNEP helps you in getting your business started, in growing your business and pricing your work... NNEP has been making embroiderers profitable and successful for over a decade. Joining the NNEP is not a luxury; it's a NECESSITY!" Jay Fishman, Wicked Stitch of the East, Beachwood, Ohio

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"The Network has played a large role in our business, with the discounts and contacts, the product locater help, not to mention the helpful tips I learn everyday on the Exchange." Karen Resnick, Pro Stitch of Cape Cod, Sandwich, Massachusetts

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"Being a member of NNEP has helped save money on our business insurance, credit card processing, discounts on garments and products. Also helpful in locating products. When I meet fellow embroiderers, I tell them to check out NNEP." Carol McCormick, Deter Gear Custom Embroidery, Cleveland, Ohio

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"Joining NNEP is the best thing I have done for my new business. Finally, (I get) questions answered, product info and wonderful discounts. This has been a Win-Win endeavor. Thanks for all the help."
Sandy Gunn, Sandy's Stitch by Stitch, Jackson, Georgia

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"When we learned what NNEP was about, after a month of deliberation, we decided to join. It was a wonderful decision! The help and advice we have received, not only from NNEP, but from the membership at conferences, has been invaluable to this novice. We learn every day. A phone call doesn't seem to be an interruption in your day, but much help to those of us on the other end. Thanks, doesn't seem to say enough!" Margaret Swauger, Owner, Creative Impressions Embroidery, Ravenna, Ohio

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"NNEP has been a very important part of our business. It has given us the specialized training needed to enhance our embroidery quality. They have also been a huge help in locating hard to find products when we are in a pinch. The staff is always very friendly and easy to work with. They understand exactly what we are going through because they are embroiderers, too. Thanks for all your help!" Jessica Johnson, Production Creek Specialty Advertising, Beatrice, Nebraska

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"There is so much experience and advice available from our fellow embroiderers, so very much to learn and share! My business partner, Penny, and I were so empowered by the (NNEP) conference. Learning new techniques to help with our new business, including how to properly price items, was so exciting... We learned that we had amazing resources at the touch of a phone or an email. We have called NNEP and gotten so much support! We run into friends and contacts we met at the conference at other shows.

"NNEP makes us feel like we are a part of a giant creative force that can make our business happen like so many other success stories. We have avoided some mistakes due to talking to both new embroiderers as well as experiences ones, saving us money and heartburn. We also have some mistakes we've made that we will share this time, hopefully saving someone else money... Truly a well spent investment in your business." Lynda Morgan, THE STITCHIN' CHICKS, Carrollton, Texas

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You Know a Bargain When You See One...

Where other industries charge through the nose for membership to their professional associations, at NNEP, we've been where you are. Our focus is on value.

Like other industries, NNEP offers you outstanding member benefits - all at a fraction of what you might expect to pay for the high level of professional support and training.

NNEP membership is one of the best bargains around.

Access to it all -- the savings, exclusive advice, business support, profitable ideas, and more -- is yours for just $245 a year. That's less than $21 a month!

When you consider what you might spend in just afternoon with a professional business consultant, instead you get an entire year's worth of actionable advice, phone support and embroidery-specific guidance to help grow your business fast.

In fact, when you take advantage of just the NNEP discounts alone, you'll earn back the price of your annual membership in less than 7 short months! (And that's just in discounts alone on the items you use every day.)

Table of Savings Realized by NNEP members

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Act now and get NNEP's exclusive report "Gold in Every Stitch: NNEP Guide to Pricing Your Work" (a $79 value) plus our exclusive report "Getting More from Product Suppliers" (a $29 value). That's over $100 of key business help, yours FREE for joining NNEP today. These two tools alone can save you hundreds of dollars - protecting you from money lost when your price is too low... and maximizing your relationships with your favorite product suppliers with little-used tools and services. Not to mention the hundreds of dollars you'll save each year as you enjoy the advantages of NNEP membership.
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Bonus! Now you also receive your own exclusive copy of NNEP's "Embroidery Manual." Inside this high-value resource:

  • Learn how to develop your pricing strategy!
  • Save $1000s every year on blank goods, supplies, designs!
  • Find out how to build your company's infrastructure!
  • Create your Web presence for FREE!
  • Gain access to samples of print advertising!
  • Find out how to communicate with thousands of other embroidery business owners!
  • Get trouble shooting tips!
  • Speed your results with cold-calling sales script!
  • Discover how to buy and sell industry-specific used equipment, software, supplies!
  • Get embroidery and monogramming placement guidelines!
  • Learn how to do puffy embroidery!
  • See sample order forms!
  • Get sample job forms!
  • Inventory management forms!
  • Sample financial forms!
  • Sample invoices!
  • Sample liability limits language!
  • Sample letter of introduction!
  • Press release examples!
  • Plus, get a list of industry resources!

We invite you to become part of the NNEP community, TODAY!

Why reinvent the wheel? Join NNEP right now!

You know more than anyone that our business landscape continues to change. NNEP keeps you ahead of the curve. We're a professional community committed to your success. Join us, and see what a difference we can make to your success.

We do hope you'll take your place in our community of industry professionals! And if you still have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us. We look forward to serving you!
To your success,
Jennifer Cox
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  • Quarterly Newsletter packed with useful articles and updates on new supplier savings programs!
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  • Savings Opportunities from over 100 suppliers!
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  • Pricing Analysis Worksheet and other business tools!
  • Access to industry-specific business insurance!
  • Access to credit card processing!
  • Shipping discounts!
  • Access to promotional products suppliers

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