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Member Testimonials

Here's a sample of what NNEP members think about NNEP:

I just wanted to say how happy I am to be a new member. When you join many organizations the first week as a member you receive tons of junk mail in your in box from “Valued Partners” of the group you have joined. I’m always hesitant in joining any and all groups because of the usual junk mail. Not so with NNEP. The only mail we receive is from you and only on the topic we joined for, Embroidery information! Not only that, but GREAT Embroidery Information is all I get in my box. Just wanted to tell you how pleased I am after two weeks. Keep up the great work!

- Mike Rapp, Grandview Impressions, Inc.

"Thank you for replying so quick!! It was the answer I wanted!! It confirmed what I knew was true but like I said, maybe I was missing something. I am purchasing a machine and it is going to be delivered next week. Can't wait!! Love the group, I have already learned so much.  Next looking into purchasing the all in one hoop with our great NNEP discount."

- Diane Collins, Collins Embroidery

"Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.  I can use the .ai files, but prefer .cdr (CorelDraw) for graphics,.docx (Microsoft Word)  &.xlsx (Excel) for text documents, and .dst for embroidery files. I really like the sample letters that you have in the NNEP manual and I use the Cost Sheet all the time. I appreciate all the help you can give me for this.  I know I have not been a very active member, but any time I have asked for help, you have never disappointed!"

- Brenda Blanks, General Manager, Classic Screenprinting & Embroidery LLC

"Thanks for the quick help, and for all the sources you have found for me this year.  This was my first year as a member, and I am very happy with the services you guys provide."

- Lori Wold, Marketing, Promotions and Events

"I was blown away by all the wonderful people and how unbelievably helpful everyone was.  What a blessing"

- Pam Seddelmeyer, Sew Detailed