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NNEP's Joe Logo Marketing System


IF you have a list of emails from your current and targeted customers, YOU can apply for a custom Joe Logo Marketing System!

I want to put Joe Logo to work!


Did you know that you have an employee that NEVER takes a day off? This model employee NEVER takes a vacation, is never late to work, never has to leave because of something at home. WHO is this person, you ask? It is Joe, of course! Wait, you are telling me that you do not have anyone named Joe that works in your business?

I beg to differ - I guarantee that Joe is part of your business. Now, what may be true is that you are not putting Joe to work for your business...

Let me introduce to you Joe - meet Joe Logo, your hardest-working employee, potentially!

This is how we introduce your customers to Joe Logo using the NNEP's Joe Logo Marketing System, a custom marketing solution created specifically for apparel decoration professionals by the National Network of Embroidery Professionals. When you put the Joe Logo Marketing System (JLMS) to work for your business, your customers will get customized and relevant emails from you with ideas to amplify the way they market their businesses - using their company name and logo. And here is the very best part - you do not have to do a thing!

The JLMS is a custom-designed solution for every apparel decoration professional that struggles to market their business effectively or consistently. With this solution in place, your customers will hear from you every 10-14 days by email. These emails will NOT be filled with "buy my stuff" messages. Those kinds of emails are rarely opened, much less read, and rarely create the result you want.

Think about it - do you like those emails?

Or do you just hit DELETE when they land in your Inbox?

Joe Logo emails are filled with ways to help your customers build their businesses through the strategic use of their company's logo and other resources. You will help them discover how many items in each size to order when they are ordering a large number of products. You will help them understand the role that color plays in their logo, and how it influences how their customers perceive their business. You will show them how to quickly and easily fold shirts, in less than 5 seconds! These are just a few examples of the kinds of emails that Joe will send to your customers.

Did I mention that you do not have to do A SINGLE THING to make all this happen, other than enrolling in the NNEP's Joe Logo Marketing System?

That's right...

  • You do not have to come up with ideas for the emails.
  • You do not have to find the time to write the emails.
  • You do not have to spell-check the emails.
  • You do not have to find the time to look for legal, royalty-free images to put in the emails.
  • You do not have to remember to send the emails.
  • You do not have to commit any time to do email marketing to your customers.

If you are thinking that this sounds like something that is too good to be true... for the longest time, that was the case! There was NO manageable way to communicate with your customers consistently without a serious commitment of time, effort, and skill on YOUR part.

After working with apparel decoration professionals for more than 25 years, we know that marketing is something that many apparel decoration professionals never have enough time for. Marketing your apparel decoration business is something we know a bit about. In fact, we know a LOT about it, and even better, we are pretty darn good at it!

We custom built the Joe Logo Marketing System so that we could do the marketing for you - yet have it appear to your customers that is all done by you.

  • When your customer reads a Joe email and hits reply, the reply goes straight to you.
  • When your customer picks up the phone to call you, the only phone number they will find on the Joe email is yours.

If you have a list of email addresses from your current and targeted customers, try the Joe Logo Marketing System for 90 days - sign up today! Just click the big black button below to get started --

I want to put Joe to work!