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Hard to Buy From You?

I thought there was some excellent points in this article, Are You Making It Hard For Customers To Buy From You? by Fast Company. They sum up their thoughts about how businesses are falling short like this: Folks, if your company isn’t already doing everything on the checklist below, then you just aren’t making it…
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Contract Embroiderer Opportunity in Miami Beach, FL

It's Happening AGAIN - We are bringing more business to NNEP members!  We just heard from a lady that is running an event in Miami Beach, FL at the end of November.  She wants to hire someone (possibly several people) to come and do embroidery for the attendees at the event.  And what is really…
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NNEP Co-Founder is Inventor!

Check this out - Susan Ritchie, co-founder of the National Network of Embroidery Professionals (NNEP) is signing the patent application for the Embroiderer's Helper - Susan is listed as the inventor! Then Connie notarized it, and now on to the next step it goes - how very exciting! Brent Taylor of Durkee Hoops is the…
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Why go to a show?

Attending a trade show - how important is it?  It is expensive - gas or airfare, hotel, meals - it adds up so quickly.  Plus the lost revenue - what you would be earning if you were at home, working in your business - how much does that set you back? Well, I think the…
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190 Pounds Lighter

Well, actually it would probably be more accurate to say 190 pounds heavier - as that is how much new clothing was collected at the Embroidery Network Foundation's annual DoDuds Apparel Drive in Nashville this year. Thanks to everyone that participated and donated new apparel and products or funds to this ongoing project to support…
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Innovative Product for Businesses

I just met one of the owners of a company that has an innovative product that is a business card and becomes 5 golf tees! If you have customers that are looking for a unique promotional item, I would certainly add this to your bag of product ideas! http://myteegolfproducts.com/ Watch a VIDEO where Rich explains…
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5B's joins NNEP Preferred Vendor Program

We are pleased to welcome 5B's Embroidery to the NNEP as a Preferred Vendor! This family owned business founded in 1980  is currently one of the largest contract embroidery operations in the United States. 5B’s and The Biles Family combines state-of-the art systems with old-fashioned values centered on you, their customer. From its humble beginnings…
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Copyrights - Demystified (a bit)

Customers bring in all sorts of designs with the expectation that we, as embroidery business owners and apparel decorators, can put whatever they want on whatever they want.  But that is just not the case, especially when it comes to images and designs that belong to someone else. Examples of designs we cannot reproduce include:…
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Midwest Punch Embroidery & Applique Joins NNEP

We are excited to welcome Midwest Punch Embroidery & Applique to the NNEP Preferred Vendor program.  Their specialty is distressed appliques.  The distressed look is everywhere you look in retail - and here is where you can get what you need to create it!  Not only do the folks at Midwest Punch Embroidery & Applique…
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NNEP's Embroidery Directory - Add Your Company!

Create a listing for your company on the NNEP's Embroidery Directory, found online at http://www.EmbroideryNetwork.com. NNEP created the Embroidery Business Directory to help consumers find local embroiderers and apparel decorators. Listing a company is free for current members of the National Network of Embroidery Professionals.  Companies that are not current members of NNEP can create…
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