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Register for NNEP's Embroidery Mart-NASHVILLE SE

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  1. Registration is $20/person** and includes BOTH days at this embroidery trade show and all of the classes offered on Sunday and Monday.
  2. Children under the age of 14 are not eligible to register or enter the exhibit area or attend the classes (including babes in arms and tots in strollers). Future apparel decorators between the ages of 14-18 can register for and attend the trade show exhibit hall and classes if accompanied by an adult. Please bring proof of age.

**  If you are a member of NNEP, the registration fee is waived as a member benefit. If you join NNEP as you register, you too will enjoy this benefit!

Adding More Names?

If you registered for this year's Mart-NASHVILLE SE already and you want to add more people to your EXISTING registration, please call NNEP at 800-866-7396 to add these names instead of using this online form - you will override your original registration. Yipes!

Want to register for a different event, the NNEP's Embroidery Mart-INDIANAPOLIS NE?

For more information and to register for this Mart go here:


11 Responses

  1. Darshell says:

    Will there be commercial embroidery machine companies there?

    • Jennifer Cox says:

      Hi Darshell - YES, there will be several different kinds of commercial embroidery machines at this trade show, single heads and multi-heads, new and used!

  2. Ed Newbold says:

    Looking forward to seeing everyone down in Nashville this August! Can't wait!

  3. dave jones says:

    How does a member register? I did not see a place for us to submit a registration without a charge.

    • Jennifer Cox says:

      Hi Dave, When you enter your email address, if the system see that your membership is current with that email address, it routes you to the registration page just for members of NNEP, where no registration fee is necessary.

  4. Charles Thurber says:

    When will we be able to see the 2017 class schedule and 2017 vendor list?
    Thanks, Mad Dawg Monograms, McAlester, OK

  5. Barbara Buckner says:

    I am coming with a new embroidery shop owner. Excited to show Kendra the ropes.

  6. Eleanor Wilson says:

    New Comer to embrodiery

    • Jennifer Cox says:

      Hi there Eleanor - If you are wondering if you should register for Embroidery Mart-NASHVILLE, I would say, "YES!" Here's why - in just 2 days, you get to meet with tons of embroidery suppliers and more than a thousand other business owners that love embroidery and creating logod apparel. It is so energizing to be around other people that actually "get" you! Of course, I am rather biased, as we create and host Embroidery Mart...

  7. Melissa Paul says:

    I am looking forward to attending this event in August!

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