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Jennifer Cox of NNEP nominated for Small Business Influencer Award


Jennifer Cox, president and co-founder of NNEP, nominated for the “Small Business Influencer” Award!

This program is produced by Small Business Trends and Small Biz Technology. The Small Business Influencer 2013 Awards honor companies, organizations, vendors, apps and people who have made a significant impact on the North American small business market.

If you have a moment, and feel that she/NNEP is “click-worthy,” please vote for today! We would really appreciate it.

We would LOVE to get our industry on the national radar, and an award like this would be one way to help with that!

Click here to vote:

If you really like Jennifer/NNEP, VOTE DAILY from every computer/online device you own until Sept. 9, 2013!

Thanks so much for your click.
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August 8, 2013 |

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